Nursery Room

AGES 0 - 2 Years

Designed and equipped to promote physical skills such as crawling and walking. A beautiful and stimulating environment with plenty of sensory experiences.

Educators have a duty of care to ensure children are supervised at all times, as they maintain a safe and secure environment adhering to National Regulations.

Over 15 Years Experience in the childcare and development sector

Toddler Room

AGES 2 - 3 Years

Designed to start promoting your child’s independence, communication and problem-solving skills.

Effective supervision of children provides with Educators with the opportunity to support and build on children’s play experiences.

Purpose built play areas for your childs growth and education

Preschool Room

AGES 3 - 5 Years

Designed to develop and increase your childs independence and social skills to ensure a smooth move to primary school.

We aim to enhance children’s learning and development through the pedagogical practices of educators and families in a positive learning environment which is promoted across the five learning outcomes from Early Years Learning Framework. Educators will gather and interpret information about children as individuals to inform the preparation of the environment and implement experiences that are engaging and meaningful.

Fully skilled staff and teachers to get your child ready for primary school